Ibar Development Association - IDA


Description of the association

The Association for the Development of the Development Association of Ibar (IDA) was founded on August 16, 2001 as a non-profit, non-political and non-religious association of citizens. The organization has been active since 2002.

Our mission is to contribute, in cooperation with partner organizations, to the equal development of Serbia and to increase the quality of life of all citizens, respecting traditional values, sustainable development of natural resources and the needs of the local population.

We have a vision that through active participation we ensure the sustainable development of Serbia, primarily its rural areas, with active cooperation with partner organizations, taking into account the needs of the local population, traditional heritage, cultural and ethnic diversity of this area.

During its work, IDA will base its activities on values ​​that will ensure transparency, respect for the rights of individuals and groups, using all the acquired knowledge and ideas that can contribute to the development of the local community.

The main achievements of the organization are:
- Since the establishment of organizations, it has implemented more than 30 projects throughout the territory of Serbia in the field of rural development, environmental protection, local economic development, support to vulnerable categories, improvement of energy efficiency and other fields;
- Coordinated the development of 9 strategic documents (Local Economic Development Strategy of Zvecan Municipality, Local Economic Development Strategy of Leposavic Municipality, Regional Strategy for Rural Development for Zlatiborski district, rural development strategy of Arilje municipality, Strategy for rural development of Stari Stari Grad municipality, Rogatica Municipality, Municipal Rural Development Strategy Čajetina, Tourism Development Strategy of the Municipality of Arilje, Tourism Development Strategy of the Municipality of Kladovo with the Action Plan;
- During its many years of work, more than 150 organized different trainings and education have been organized, which, with the engagement of our experts and, if necessary, professional associates of our organization;
- So far, IDA has published a 15-page publication and brochure;
- IDA is a member of the Rural Development Network of Serbia, Natura 2000 Network and Forum Synergy on EU rural networks;
- IDA is also the founder of the Regional Agency for Spatial and Economic Development of the Raska and Morava region.

Area of activity

Rural development

Contact person

Slobodan Ljubojevic
Dragan Roganovic

Contact phone

+381 36 313 403
+381 64 645 7036
+381 64 645 7026
+381 64 645 7027


Heroja Maričića 86, 36000, Kraljevo




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Ibar Development Association - IDA