Association of agronomists "Agroznanje"


Description of the association

Agroznanje" is a non-governmental and non-profit association, established on 11.12.2006. in order to achieve goals in the field of rural development and agricultural production.

The mission of the association is to connect all the holders of the public and private sector in Serbia with effective and efficient work through partnership cooperation in order to promote rural development and agriculture.

The vision is to become a leading association in the field of rural development and consulting in Serbia.

The activities and projects implemented by the Association of agronomists "Agroznanje" are directed towards the preservation, enrichment and implementation of knowledge in the field of agricultural production and rural development.

Area of activity

The area of the organization is: rural development, improvement of agricultural production and environmental protection, education of citizens, especially children and youth, on the importance of preserving and protecting the environment, organizing activities on rehabilitation of endangered areas, and public advocacy for changing habits in terms of use and taking care about natural resources.

Contact person

Zorica Velimirovic

Contact phone

+381 63 864 1047


Vojvođanskih brigada 76, 26300, Vršac



45.1149881, 21.3068507


Association of agronomists "Agroznanje"