Rural Educational Center


Description of the association

Rural Educational Center is a voluntary, non-governmental and non-profit organization, established on 08.03.2012. in order to improve the quality of life and the balanced regional development of rural areas in the region of the City of Subotica, AP Vojvodina and the Republic of Serbia.

The Rural Educational Center has a mission to influence the creation of conditions that will lead to increasing the quality of life in rural areas through engagement, building and improving the capacity of the local community and building partnerships between the civil and public sectors. The rural environments in the evenly developed Serbia should be a desirable place for life, where the population contributes to the preservation, development and improvement of all the potentials, values and advantages of rural areas through their work and activities.

The founders of REC are women born in the countryside, living and working in the village, realizing the real problems in rural areas.

"Rural areas are an economically and culturally developed environment where satisfied people find innovative solutions to the problems of rural environments and which, along with the efficient use of knowledge, traditional heritage, the potential of natural resources, care for future generations and the environment."

Contact person

Ruzica Rudic Vranic

Contact phone

+381 63 829 3742


Bikovački put 154, 24206, Bikovo, Subotica



46.0502157, 19.7032932


Rural Educational Center