High Nature Value Farming, two EU funded initiatives - cluster projects implemented in Poland

Wojtek Szpociński, chairman of the Development Policy Foundation provides examples of two EU funded initiatives - cluster projects implemented in Poland, dealing with certain areas related to High Nature Value Farming: Conservation and recreation of wetland habitats in Biebrza Valley, being one of Natura 2000 Area in Poland and the project Carp Valley, regarding “Living Eco-Communities” implemented in Western Malopolska. 

Expert raises a dilemma about compromising preservation of nature and environment-oriented actions with promotion of local food chains of products in these areas. Moreover, stresses the significance of raising environmental awareness, importance of local community involvement and cooperation between different stakeholders, expert presents also potential for development of tourism combined with protection of cultural heritage.

Potcast link https://youtu.be/g7dgmsI7PBY