The main problems of farmers in Poland, as experience of Serbian farmers

Łukasz Czech provides lecture from the perspective of a farmer, entrepreneur and rural advisor, based on his personal, practical experience. Experts presents current main problems of farmers in Poland, including access to capital, contact with administration, problem with sales and prices, lack of water, unfair position of retailers; shattered structure of agriculture, as well as low bargain position, which is a crucial issue for farmers. 

Points out the need of cooperation between farmers, entrepreneurs and processors cooperation with researchers and academia, as well as with rural advisors and the public sector, additionally, with focus on the need of gathering funds, as external and differentiated sources of financing. Expert refers to the importance of innovations in agriculture and how they should be developed – first of all, ideas should come from the needs of end users, who should be involved both in creation and validation of these innovations. Agriculture innovators should think about external financial resources, such as public funds or venture capital – which are still not sufficiently developed in Poland. 

Mentions about problems concerning falling start-ups – as they should use sale channels of retailers or processors, due to shattered structure of agriculture and high cost of customer acquisition. Moreover, expert presents recent survey’s results conducted among farmers, according to whom, modern technologies and reduction of costs are key factors for survival of entrepreneurships during pandemic situation.

Material was produced as a part of the project supported under “Public Diplomacy 2020 New Dimension”, being co-financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Poland. The content expresses only the views of the authors and cannot be equated with the official position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland. Project is implemented by the Development Policy Foundation.

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