Meeting with local stakeholders in Rudno

As part of the "Agromix" project, implemented by the Network for Rural Development of Serbia in cooperation with the partner consortium coordinated by Coventry University, on November 15, 2022, a field consultation workshop was held with local actors in the village of Rudno. The target group was women and young people.

The current state of agriculture, rural development and the participation of young people and women in the rural economy were discussed with a group of interested parties. Considerable attention was devoted to the discussion about the possibilities of agricultural development, not the principles of agroforestry.

The participants pointed out that, thanks to the timely diversification of economic activities, primarily through the development of rural tourism, the Rudna area still retains its development potential, as well as the possibility of basing its development on natural resources.

Diversification of economic activities together with local agricultural practices are the development chance of the area. Accordingly, the principles of mixed farming and agroforestry certainly contribute to the sustainable development of agriculture and the area itself, because they contribute to the preservation of a healthy environment, as well as the good reputation of the area recognized by tourists and consumers.

Sastnak sa zainteresovanim stranama u Rudnu